Adolfo JARA

Nationality: Paraguayan

Educational Background:

  • MSc Electronic Engineering, National University of Asuncion 
  • BE Electronic Engineering, National University of Asuncion

Role/s in the Project:

My primary role is the On Board Computer programing. The main objective of the OBC is managing all functions. The OBC must generate and send CW (Morse) through COM subsystem, verify and execute the received commands from Ground Station, manage (collect, process, store and transmit) Housekeeping data and Mission data and monitor satellite health parameters. 

I am also the head of Missions integration. I follow-up the development of the missions and their corresponding integration with the OBC.

How do you feel about being part of BIRDS-4 Satellite Project?

I am proud to have the responsibility of building the first satellite for Paraguay, as well as motivated, since this project represents one of the biggest challenges for my professional career.

Any advice to people who are interested to be part of a satellite project in the future?

Satellite projects are very expensive, there is practically no place for errors, so a good previous training in disciplines such as programming, computer-assisted design and circuit analysis will help minimize the possibility of making mistakes that could compromise the success of the project.