Announcement of APRS mission

Dear BIRDS-4 team followers,

We would like to announce you about our APRS mission.

JG6YMX (Tsuru) APRS mission (145.825 MHz) will be active over Japan for the following schedules in UTC +9:

2022-01-0921:27 – 21:38
2022-01-1220:14 – 20:25
2022-01-1519:01 – 19:11

Taking a photo of the South American Landmass

Dear BIRDS-4 team followers,

Starting the new year with a photo of the South American Landmass showing the Paraná River reflecting the sun.
This river is located south of Central South America and runs through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina for some 4,880 kilometers.
Comenzando el nuevo año con una foto de la masa continental de América del Sur que muestra el río Paraná reflejando el sol.
Este río está ubicado al sur de América Central del Sur y atraviesa Brasil, Paraguay y Argentina por unos 4.880 kilómetros.

The South American Landmass