Nationality: Egyptian

Educational Background:

  • BS Electronics and Communications Engineering, 

Role/s in the Project:

I joined BIRDS-4 in March 2019 as part of PBL team working on a secondary mission which is an Image Classification Unit added to the main mission which is the Camera. After joining the project team I joined also the team working on the Store and Forward mission particularly the Ground Sensor Terminal.

Being Part of the project team I had some other roles such as  Newsletter articles, Internet Platform handling and as secondary member in CAM mission.

How do you feel about being part of BIRDS-4 Satellite Project?

Being part of this international joint project is a great opportunity for a student to learn and gain experience by going through the whole cycle of developing a Cube-satellite. In addition to working in a diverse team from different nationalities and different engineering backgrounds is a very important to increase my personal and practical skills.

Any advice to people who are interested to be part of a satellite project in the future?

For anyone interested in the field of small satellites, BIRDS project is a great opportunity to fulfill your passion and launch your own mission idea on orbit. Take the lead and plan to join the project in its coming patch!