BIRDS-4 Members

Izrael Zenar Casople BAUTISTA

Mark Angelo Cabrera PURIO

Marloun Pelayo SEJERA

Adolfo Javier JARA

Anibal Antonio MENDOZA RUIZ



Migration to BIRDS Room

BIRDS-4 members finally moved to BIRDS Room at SVBL Bldg. Before we moved, BIRDS3 members used the room.

We will use the room to develop satellite for about one year.

We were cleaning room.

If you have a comment or question, you can post and ask us.


The Joint Global Multi-Nation BIRDS Project also known as “BIRDS Project” is a cross-border interdisciplinary CubeSat constellation project hosted at Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan.

The Mission Statement of the Project is:

“By successfully building and operating first satellite of nation, advance toward indigenous space program in each country”

The project is led by Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan and involves students from Philippines, Paraguay, Nepal, Turkey and Japan.